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Barb Hodgens
Barb Hodgens

A Barb Hodgens le fascina cocinar alimentos alternativos, saludables y naturales, con un énfasis en la salud intestinal y en las dietas de carbohidratos específicos (SCD) y GAPS. Barbs consiguió superar sus propios problemas de salud intestinal iniciando un camino hacia la alimentación alternativa. Comparta sus ideas, comentarios y fotos al final de esta publicación :)

dehydrator sweet potato chips

No nasty additives - healthy potato chips!

These healthy, homemade sweet potato crisps are just as crunchy and addictive as any chip out there. They are perfect for satisfying a crunchy, salty craving, while being in control of the ingredients. 

Unless you are an absolute whiz with a knife, sweet potato chip slicing is a challenge. The key to making crunchy, sweet potato chips is using a good vegetable slicer or mandolin and will guaranteed uniform, paper-thin slices.

Dehydrating retains the native taste of a sweet potato. Nothing is altered or destroyed by high heat, so your chips stay packed with flavour and nutrients. A good quality salt is really all you need, but for a wicked BBQ taste, sprinkle with smoked paprika. Then try stopping at a single handful! 

sweet potato

We sampled several sweet potato varieties and found the common orange Garnet produces the best chip.



3 orange sweet potatoes
1-2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 teaspoon good quality salt
Sprinkle of smoked paprika (optional)

dehydrated sweet potato chips


    1.  Peel the sweet potatoes.
    2.  Finely slice with a knife or mandolin. The thinner the better!

    3.  Place the slices into a large bowl. Toss with oil and salt. 
    4.  Lay potato slices in the dehydrator trays in a single layer. Do not overlap.
    5.  Set the temperature to 75 Degrees C for 10 hours. If they need extra time, set for 2 hour increments. 
    6.  When they are done, store the chips in an air-tight container. 

    dehydrated sweet potato chips

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    dehydrated sweet potato chips